Customer Service
There are two types of customer service
  1. Our Service to you our client
  2. Our Service to your tenants.
Our Service to you our client
There is nothing more important to us then to make sure our customers needs are met 100%. Our technology gives us an advantage over our competition but our true strength is our devotion to being there for our clients. Fancy websites and state of the art technology can never replace a phone call or a face to face meeting. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of clients. We have testimonials from our clients that prove we live by our philosophy. Please email us for a list of these letters and comments.
Our Service to your tenants
On every failure to pay and warrant of restitution is our phone number. We receive calls from tenants’ everyday. We always treat them with respect and patients. After all we work for you and want to present a professional response to there questions and concerns. All phone calls are documented. We have instant access to your data so we can look up their case and inform them of what they owe and any other information they request. Most of the time we can explain the entire procedure and assure them that if there rent is paid the case will be dismissed. We can also point them in the proper direction if they need financial help.