There are 3 ways to file, dismiss and amend your notices.
  1. Manually
  2. Importing a file
  3. Web service.
You always have the option at anytime for each.
Manually Change Cases
With our user-friendly web site you can log in at any time and search for a specific case. You can then change any of the data needed.
File Import
  • We will use your current systems reporting ability to create an uploadedable file.
  • Every time you upload your file your cases will be automatically be updated.
  • You no longer have to sift though data.
  • Our system will point out the changes made and allow you to override any chnages that need to be made.
  • Our developers will if necessary build macros in excel to perform all needed calculations.
Integrated Web Service
  • We will connect to your current system (real time read only)
  • A web based administrative site allows you to set up rules for filing
  • Reports are generated to the appropriate personnel on what failure to pays and warrants need to be filed based on the rules you have set up.
  • On a specified date (set by the rules) all your notices are transferred to
  • After we file, as checks come in from your tenants the cases are automatically amended or dismissed. We will pull the data straight from your software so data only needs to be entered once.
  • Emails are sent to the appropriate personnel to inform them of the status of each case
  • To view a diagram of the process click here