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  Baltimore City Rent Court


A rent notice (Failure To Pay) may be filed five (5) days after the due date on the lease Within 48 hours of ordering, we file your notice. If you have any special circumstances, such as multiple months rent or you are asking for water bill/other utilities, please fax your lease and a ledger of payments/running balance.

Login to the message center to search your court date/case number.

If your tenant pays a portion of their rent BEFORE the court date, login to your account message center to amend the notice reflecting the balance owed. If your tenant pays all of the rent please login and dismiss the case.

We will appear in court for you. After the court date, login to the message center to view the results of the proceedings.

An eviction notice (Warrant of Restitution) may be filed five (5) business days after the court date. After the eviction notice is filed, accepting a partial payment from the tenant cancels the eviction.

Call the sheriff 5 business days after the Eviction Notice is filed to schedule the actual put-out.

Login to to order the Eviction Notification Service and the actual eviction.

Collection Of monies After Tenant Vacates Property

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