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"I have used Rent Notices on several occassions with my property in Baltimore and have always been pleased with their services in Rent Court. Rent Notices is a great bargain for those landlords who manage their own property and don't want the headache of filing paperwork/attending court. I know firsthand of landlords who employ the services of a formal management company which can easily end up costing hundreds of dollars of excess legal fees for representation." --Erik
In the fast paced business of real estate leasing, we at LCP have found RentNotices to be remarkable. Our experiences with allowing Rent to handle our court services and eviction proceedings have been nothing but rewarding. The professionalism and knowledge of the Baltimore City Court system is commendable to say the least. The convenient online ordering of notices and easy billing system has afforded us to provide our clients with faster service and feedback on all cases filed. Ginny, you and your team have always been very responsive and courteous to our questions and concerns. Your patience with our processing also shows that you care about great customer service. It is because of your service, our team can stay focused on more of the many other property management and leasing issues that arise with our tenants and property owners in the Baltimore Area. Your service has saved us a tremendous amount of time. Our business is to alleviate our clients of the landlording hassles; well you certainly have contributed to our success in doing so. Congratulations on your growth and I wish you much more success in years to come! On behalf of our Leasing Team, we thank you RentNotices.Com for being there every time we at LChinn Properties have needed you!
Loni Chinn President & CEO LChinn Properties
I would like to thank for helping me with two very delinquent tenants in Westport, Baltimore City recently. The online process was fast and easy for me to do, and the next will be faster now that I understand the process. As a Realtor, my busiest season is during spring and summer. I did not have time to go to court for half a day. I assumed this would have to proceed to the eviction phase, but the rent judgments you obtained resulted in immediate cash and gave my tenants another chance to stay. I don't like the idea of forcing anyone from their (my) home. delivered over $2,200 in immediate cash between the two tenants and they are more on time since then. One tenant still has a judgment of $2,900 remaining which he is trying to pay.In the future, I can easily get new judgments to prod payments or begin the eviction process. Thank you for a very fine service. Feel free to provide my contact info as a reference.
Jon Tucker
RE/MAX 100 is an excellent tool for the landlord. It saves a lot of time and money. Their team is very helpful and well organized. The website is easy to use and accessible at any time! Thank you!
Bramwell, LLC
I have been amazed at the time and trouble your website has saved me. The headaches of being a landlord have been dramatically reduced from your services. Thank you for everything!
I want to thank you for your prompt attention and help with my tenant issues over the past months. Being able to reach you on a weekend, or to leave a message and know that it will be returned or acted upon right away is very comforting. You make the best of an otherwise bad situation and it has been a true pleasure to work with you! --
it is great service,save my time. very good job. thanks again .
Babu Davis.
I discovered while performing an internet search. I needed to deal with a difficult late-paying tenant and didn't know the best way to deal with it. took away my pain and frustration by Filing the overdue and eviction notices timely, Representing me in front of the judge Saving me precious time and money, and Sparing me from the complexity of the system. The results expected were truly worthy of the confidence I placed in You too should let help you in time of need. I am confident that will exceed your expectations if you grant it the opportunity. Allan "It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to file with Rent Notices. I have a very busy schedule during the day and don't always have time to go to the courthouse to file the paperwork or spend the day in court waiting for a ruling and with Rent Notices I don't have to. They have always done what they said when they said and at a very reasonable fee. I am so glad I found them they have truly made my life easier."
Debbie Zook
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